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10 April 2024

Why Investing in Women Matters Every Day at Hippo


Introducing the Hippo lean in circle

At Hippo, we’re committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. While International Women’s Day (IWD) is a moment to celebrate the achievements of women, true gender equality requires more than a single day of recognition. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our very own lean in circle!

What is a lean in circle?

A lean in circle is a small, peer-support group focused on empowering women and non-binary people in the workplace. Our group will meet monthly, with an open Slack channel for ongoing communication. Our core focus is on action and results, going beyond general chit-chat to provide tangible support in areas like:

  • Career progression: Get guidance on navigating promotions, salary negotiations, and career development plans.
  • Navigating bias: Learn strategies to address unconscious bias and navigate challenges specific to gender, maternity, and recruitment.
  • Building confidence: Develop leadership skills and gain the confidence to thrive in a male-dominated field.

“When talking about things like building confidence, becoming or being a leader, it’s often more comfortable to do so in a group of people that are rooting for you and share some of your experiences.”

~ Stephanie Vincent, Lead Data Analytics Consultant

Importantly, this is a grassroots initiative. An interesting part of the culture at Hippo is that, while a general direction and tone is set by the leadership of the company, consultants are trusted to carry that forward. Having the latitude to have discussions of this nature fits nicely with how we retain a positive, inclusive culture as we grow as a company.

Why is a lean in circle important for Hippo?

While strides have been made for women and non-binary people in tech, many still face negativity and bias. Having a support network outside your immediate team can be invaluable. A lean in circle provides:

  • External perspectives: Gain insights from women and non-binary people in different roles and professions to tackle challenges from new angles.
  • Femal and non-binary people-led networking: Build relationships with like-minded women who understand your experiences and can offer specific support.
  • Confidence building: Develop your leadership skills in a safe space with a strong support system.

Why now?

Hippo’s recent emphasis on community building, combined with a focus on closing the gender pay gap and upskilling our workforce, makes this the perfect time to launch our lean in circle. There’s a clear need and strong interest from our employees, making this initiative not only timely, but impactful.

“As someone who leads others, I want to learn from different perspectives. I got involved to gain a better understanding of how I can help support others to develop confidence and advocate for themselves. Even the most inclusive environments can improve.”

~ Karen Craddock, Head of Product, Hippo

What we hope to achieve

Our circle is more than just a support group. We aim to:

  • Share knowledge: Learn from each other’s experiences and collectively develop solutions to common problems.
  • Empower action: Gain the confidence to navigate difficult situations and conversations effectively.
  • Build a supportive network: Create a safe space for women and non-binary people with diverse backgrounds and career stages.
  • Drive positive change: Collaborate on initiatives like outreach programs and external speaking opportunities to promote women and non-binary people in tech.

By investing in the success of our female and non-binary employees, we’re investing in the future of Hippo. The lean in circle is just one step towards a more equitable and thriving workplace for everyone.