We believe that if we all act in line with these core values, together we create a great culture. At the heart of everything we are human, and we have to balance our ambitious and pragmatic qualities in order to succeed.

Core Values Human


Honest: create a positive impact


We believe that transparency builds trust. We insist on open, honest and direct communication with fellow Hippos and the organisations we work with. We cut through the noise and get to the heart of the problem. Our clients get honest answers to difficult questions.

Collaborative: in pursuit of a common goal


Hippos bring the right people together and provide leadership and passion to enable impactful working. Open and effective communication across teams and with stakeholders helps us achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Inclusive: be people centric


We work hard to deeply understand how humans behave and make sure the solutions we create work for them in the real world. We are inclusive in everything we do to enable everyone to participate equitably.

Core Values Ambitious


Passionate: deliver the best


Do what we can to make Hippo a place people can be at their best. We are passionate about what we can achieve together. We aspire to deliver our best possible work, day in, day out.

Value-driven: focus on outcomes


We seek the answer to why we’re doing what we’re doing. That means challenging and questioning ourselves and others on purpose, and stopping things that aren’t adding any value. And we actually deliver.

Bold: question the status quo


We come at things with ways of thinking that challenge the conventions of big consultancies and we punch above our weight. Our mindset and the way we work bring about positive change to the way services and systems are delivered.

Core Values Pragmatic


Realistic: be practical


“Perfection is the enemy of progress”. There are no perfect solutions, and we are here to make things work in the best possible way we can within the constraints we are faced with. Balance perfection with what’s right for now.

Adaptive: get the fundamentals right


We get it right then make it fast. When the foundations are rock solid you can build anything. Iterate and deliver well and we’ll be asked to do it again.

Focussed: apply sound business principles


Together we must operate profitably to continue to exist, and contribute to our continual growth in order to create further opportunities for Hippos to develop and our clients to shine.


Hippo social value strategy

Social value

We’re striving to become a more responsible business, minimising our impact on the environment, helping diversify talent in our industry, and drawing on our expertise to maximise our benefit to society.



With both talent and ethic, our leadership team are delivering meaningful transformation by combining data-informed evidence, human-centred design and engineering in a manner that is consistent with our organisation’s values.