As a user-centred design, data and agile specialists, we get to the source of the real problem and deliver the right solution.

Agile Software Engineering

Hippo brings a potent blend of Agile and user-centred design expertise to software development, ensuring your product or service delivers quality and value – sooner rather than later.
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Hippo helps to keep your digital assets safe, employing industry-leading data analytics and SIEM tools for cyber security to reduce risk and thwart attacks.
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Hippo helps you discover and harness the untapped data across your business or organisation, unlocking its potential to revolutionise how you work.
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Digital Transformation Strategy

Hippo gets into the detail to help your business or organisation scope and deliver the digital transformation that brings real results beyond the hype.
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Enterprise and Solution Architecture

Our human-centred approach to architecture has benefited various sectors, including heavily regulated industries, operating at a system and service level.
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Experience, Content and Service Design

Hippo calls upon a thriving community of design experts to help create products and services your users need and want to use.
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Product and Delivery Management

Hippo has you covered at all stages of your delivery lifecycle, with an enviable line-up of product and delivery management specialists ready to support you when you need them.
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Research and Analysis

Our research and analysis consultants help you get straight to the heart of your user and stakeholder needs, providing the bedrock for better products and services.
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Strategic Consulting

Our consultants pull from their industry knowledge and functional expertise to tackle your most important challenges and leverage your greatest opportunities.
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  1. Digital identity and access management

    Hippo helps deliver safe, secure and seamless processes for verifying identity and authenticating access online, gaining the trust of your users while enhancing your product or service.
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  2. Inclusive and Ethical Design

    Hippo helps you bake in inclusive and ethical design at all stages of development, ensuring a diverse spectrum of users can get the best out of your product or service.
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  3. Evidence-based Design and Delivery

    Hippo supports you in designing and delivering world-class products and services that are underpinned by the best available evidence from user research and beyond.
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We offer an extensive range of services, making it hard to encapsulate what you do in a simple "Hippo does..."

We help you understand the people you're trying to reach and centre the solution around them. We use evidence at every stage to inform our methods and deliver the best possible service.