At Hippo we deliver safe, secure and seamless processes for verifying identity and authenticating access online, gaining the trust of your users while enhancing your product or service.
Our expert team provides end-to-end identity and access management consultancy for your business or organisation. Whether providing advice on appropriate technologies, undertaking risk analysis and vulnerability review, helping you develop a strategy and roadmap or delivering the chosen solution, we’ve got you covered.

The solutions we deliver follow proven processes and credentials to verify and authenticate an individual's ‘claimed identity’ and we benchmark deployed services against established identity authentication standards, including the Government Digital Service, GOV.UK Good Practice Guides, GDPR, AML and PSD2.

(* our focus on inclusion and accessibility means we design for offline user journeys too)

Our Identity expertise and experience cover key solution areas helping customers provide secure, low-friction, verification and authentication services.

We consult and advise, helping organisations align their digital identity and access management strategies with their overall business needs.

We create bespoke user journeys, utilising the best technology solutions within a human-centred service design approach to ensure that the right balance between friction and user experience is delivered, allowing your user to interact securely but with the minimum impact.

We assess, select and integrate the best third party vendor technology into our identity solutions, delivering best-in-class, compliant technology services supporting your business and user needs.
The Hippo team deploys verification and authentication tools for end user access to consumer-facing digital services, focusing on the balance between trust, security and usability to drive adoption and usage, while providing a barrier to fraud. In addition, the team creates secure, multi-device role-based staff identity services providing secure access to resources for verified staff, affiliates and partners while preventing access to resources and information for unauthorised entities.
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Identity services

Digital identity

Hippo Identity experts will work with your business to create simple user verification and access services, combining our world class user-centred design and Identity industry expertise with market-leading technology to deliver secure Digital Identity solutions allowing your users to interact and transact quickly and safely.

Identity verification

A critical success factor in the adoption of any digital service is the balance between securely identifying the individual registering for a service with the need to keep the experience as simple and unobtrusive for the user as possible. Using established frameworks and guidelines, Hippo works with our customers to identify the best methods for verifying identities within digital business flows using human-centred design practices to ensure lowest friction for the user and minimise service drop-outs.

User authentication

The Hippo team designs and delivers user login experiences enabling your customer or staff member to access digital services based on secure credentials and control methods that get them to the right resources with minimum clicks. Focusing on a balance between user and business needs, we create and deploy multi-device authentication solutions using tailored access rules based on credentials, roles or other user attributes, enabling multi-factor authentication flows with step-up checks for high-security use cases and focus time and energy on delivery of seamless, passwordless user authentication flows using innovative solutions such as Passkeys.
Our multidisciplinary squads have broad technical experience across a wide range of identity platforms and solutions for staff and customer access use cases. Our technology-agnostic approach, combined with skills in different technical languages and frameworks allows them to bring different perspectives when solving complex problems.
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Our capabilities

Whether you are starting to explore the potential for enhanced identity and access management capability, or have an existing solution, Hippo can help you. Start uncovering the possibilities today.
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