Leveraging the most extensively tested UX and UI approaches, systems and data available, we expedite the design progress in commercial organisations, getting to the right solution fast.

Adopting robust technical standards, proven at scale across Government Digital Service and the NHS, accelerates the build stage.

“We have access to tons of research, as well as proven technical standards.  Putting these to use helps us get commercial organisations half way there and make immediate progress” Kayliegh Sugden, Client Partner, Hippo Digital 

We help organisations consistently present and leverage their brands and data to increase customer lifetime value. Our user centred design approach ensures your services are easy to use. Hippo delivers safe, secure and seamless processes for verifying identity and authenticating customers across entities and brands. Harvesting customer data across entities, and feeding this back into what customers experience with personalisation, drives positive action.

The success of the customer focused digital services we deliver is underpinned by:
  • Standardising design systems, with accessibility at the forefront throughout the process, to ensure a consistent brand and experience for customers, and efficient effective ways for working for the organisation.
  • Robust engineering standards and capabilities, ensuring effective, high quality, stable and secure services.
  • Using data and tools to inform decisions across design and delivery, assuring investments are made in features that deliver return.