At Hippo, we help make sense of your data

Hippo helps you discover and harness the untapped value in data across your organisation, unlocking its potential to revolutionise how you work. We prioritise helping our clients unlock the value they hold through a combination of tried and tested approaches alongside the use of cutting edge technology in machine learning, architecture, and platforms. Whether you’re trying to make better-informed business decisions, reduce risk, or get the most out of your data, our award-winning services can provide value and insight.​

We consult and advise, helping businesses align their data strategy with their overall business strategies.

We create and deliver new business platforms, systems architectures, and data governance programmes, as well as provide expertise to expand your internal teams.

We help you manage and maintain your data systems and architecture to ensure the most efficient return on investment.

Our consultancy services

Single view of the customer

We’ve been building single-customer views for years. Our matching beats everything we’ve tested it against time and again, so if you’re looking for an accurate, real-time, complete view of your customer data, you’ve found the right place. (Pssst, we’ve also got a product that lets you do it yourself!)

Analytics, modelling and machine learning

Once your data is all sorted, what are you going to do with it to drive business value? Automated models, machine learning, AI or just really useful dashboard insights – anything is possible with our team of data science bods. We LOVE solving problems so even if you don’t know where to start, we’ll get stuck in to identify some key value-driving areas

Data platform architecture

Once we understand what you need to do with your data, we help you shape the future platform you’ll need to deliver on your ambitions. Cloud and Data Platform vendors will often suggest that there is only one True Way of delivering a data platform, and we will help you establish what you really need. 

We work with most major data platforms out there, so we know where they work well, and where an alternative would be better.

We’ve built data platforms that can handle hundreds of billions of events per year in real time, and platforms that provide weekly reporting to smaller organisations. We will help you establish what you actually need, considering the overall cost to your organisation, including training, performance and availability, cost and change needs… all with a minimum of fuss!
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MedTech Data

Enabling a data flow of information between clinicians, users, and healthcare settings requires planning and an open approach. And that’s where we come in.

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Financial Services Data

Unifying data across multiple organisations and data sets ensures faster decision making with access to real-time data. Take a look at how we unlock value in the data you hold.

Whether you are just starting to explore the possibilities of data analytics or have an existing system, 
Hippo can help you. Start uncovering your data possibilities with us today.
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Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary squads have broad technical experience across a wide range of platforms and best of breed on-premise solutions. This technology agnostic approach, combined with skills in different technical languages and frameworks allows them to bring different perspectives when solving complex problems.