Whether it be navigating the NHS online account landscape, enabling patients to easily access multiple care services online, or increasing adoption of digital services through user centered design, we are energised to meet these challenges.

We have a proven approach to understanding the problems in healthcare, developing and testing quickly, managing governance, building and deploying at scale.

The healthcare programmes we’ve worked on have helped reduce the pressure on the NHS and delivered tangible outcomes including:
  • Rethinking the NHS online account increasing online transactions by 64%
  • Utilising data science to address operational efficiencies delivering 25% efficiency savings in back office processing
  • Delivering successfully on 12 critical Covid services, working pace and providing cross-programme consistency and learning
  • Apply for Care Identity reduced healthcare professional onboarding by 6 hours
  • Detected and prevented cyber incidents through our work optimising Cyber Operations Center

We understand that data and technology power our NHS and are crucial  to working in more efficient ways, improving diagnosis and treatment, and understanding and improving services.

The success of the digital health services we deliver is underpinned by:
  • Deep knowledge of the NHS landscape and standards,e.g. CDDO/NHS Service Standards / Clinical risk management, ensure the delivery of compliant services that deliver positive outcomes for patients
  • Our service design approach solves root problems and delivers service improvements
  • Modern, agile architectural design that adapts to policy change
  • A partnership approach and our Academy to upskill NHS staff and advance digital maturity
  • Deep expertise in user research, service design, UX, technical architecture and security, specifically within the NHS
  • Proven frameworks for research driven development create services that meet and exceed patient and healthcare professional needs