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Our multidisciplinary squads have broad technical experience across a wide range of platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP and best of breed on-premise solutions. They have skills in different technical languages and frameworks which allows them to bring different perspectives when solving complex problems. We help you manage and maintain your systems and architecture to ensure the most efficient return on investment.

Our Cyber Security Services

A portfolio of services designed to embed cyber security best practices across your organisation:

SIEM management

Including Splunk Enterprise Security and Microsoft Sentinel – A data management and a content driven approach. We engage with your business to get the best out of your data working with your threat analysts to develop a SIEM solution to your security requirements.

Security by design

Ensuring security has oversight of a project from inception to avoid retrospectively fitting security controls at the end of a project which can be costly to your product and organisation.

Security architecture reviews

Review of the architecture and using threat modelling techniques assess where your architecture is vulnerable.

Risk Management

Identify the risks by engaging with your organisation, help develop playbook responses to assist you preventing significant damage in the event of an attack.


Unlock the host of benefits that Hippo’s robust cyber security services can deliver:

Enhanced Decision-Making

Strong data security ensures the integrity and reliability of information used for critical choices. Uncovered insights through data discovery can inform better national strategies.

Improved Resilience

Robust onboarding and lifecycle management practices protect sensitive data from breaches, safeguarding national security and infrastructure.

Reduced Risk

Proactive security measures like SIEM configuration minimise the impact of cyberattacks, protecting critical systems and data from disruption.

Increased Trust

Public trust thrives when organisations demonstrate a commitment to data security. This is especially important for institutions with national significance.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined data management practices (onboarding, lifecycle management) save time and resources, allowing organisations to focus on core functionalities.

Our promise

Our commitment is to provide a secure environment for our customers, partners, and our own data. We understand peace of mind is critical, and that’s why we prioritise robust cyber security operations as the foundation of our digital trust across our business.


~ Darren Hutton, Chief Digital Officer

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