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13 March 2024

A Hippo on Lion Street: London Office Spotlight


Hippo has announced the opening of its new London office, located at Work.Life on Red Lion Street in Holborn. Having opened the London office in January 2023, this move represents further investment in the nation’s capital and will continue to support London-based Hippos by providing a vibrant workspace, set in a wider collaborative office. The office provides our London-based Hippos with a dedicated workspace, set in a wider collaborative office.

Creativity, collaboration and well-being

The new space boasts a range of amenities designed to enhance productivity and well-being. Hippo’s footprint on site includes a dedicated office, a privacy booth, and co-working space, allowing Hippo’s London team tol enjoy ample room to innovate and collaborate. Amongst this space, the office features cafeteria-style seating booths, and a casual kitchen area, providing opportunities for relaxation and informal meetings. Hippos will also benefit from Work.Life’s free breakfast cereals as well as weekly pizzas and other events organised by the building management team.

One of the highlights of the new office is the upgraded meeting room options and video conferencing facilities, offering enhanced connectivity for remote collaboration. Hippo is dedicated to fostering a comfortable and inclusive work environment where accessibility, health and wellbeing are core components.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Holborn, the new office offers excellent access from all parts of the city, with Holborn and Chancery Lane tube stations just a few minutes’ walk away. The building also provides secure cycling facilities and showers, catering to the diverse commuting needs of the team.

“Our new London office represents an exciting development in Hippo’s workplace estate. We are delighted to provide our team with a state-of-the-art workspace that fosters creativity, collaboration, and well-being, extending our successful partnership with the Work.Life brand.”

~ Rob Sweeney, Facilities Manager

A workplace with sustainability at its heart

In line with Hippo’s commitment to sustainability, Work.Life has implemented various initiatives to reduce energy waste and minimise its environmental footprint throughout its UK locations. Currently, 88% of the office’s electricity is sourced from renewable energy suppliers, and a comprehensive waste strategy has helped avoid 64 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Work.Life is also working towards increasing its recycling rate from 56% to 70%, demonstrating its dedication to environmental stewardship. Chief Operating Officer, Lara Longhurst commended Work.Life on these efforts:

“Environmental impact is a key pillar in the Hippo Social Value Strategy. Alongside wellbeing, accessibility and collaborative working environments, a key consideration we make when scouting for new spaces is sustainability. We are encouraged that our office supplier shares and promotes these values.”

~ Lara Longhurst, Chief Operating Officer

In addition to its focus on sustainability, Hippo’s new London office embraces accessibility as a core component. Ensuring the entirety of the Hippo Herd, our clients and communities can access the space is an important part of our company ethos of inclusion. All areas of the new office space are accessible via elevators, ramps and reception options.

With its plush new workspace and commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and employee well-being, Hippo’s London office is poised to become a hub of collaboration in the heart of the city.

For more information about Hippo and its workspace solutions, please contact Rob Sweeney at [email protected].