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26 February 2024

Hippo’s UX-ers attend February away day 


Earlier in February our user experience designers (or UX-ers!) got together for an away day in Hippo’s Leeds event space. These community events are a quarterly feature for professions across Hippo, and offer an opportunity to catch-up face-to-face, welcome new team members and participate in workshop sessions that support their work and professional development.

The theme for this quarter’s event was feedback and centred around two different sessions: 

Feedback is actually pretty cool

The first session provided an opportunity to focus on giving and receiving feedback, and explore in detail what may constitute good or bad feedback. The participants reviewed useful feedback frameworks such as COIN and ASK, and took part in activities that allowed them to practise delivering and observing what it’s like to get feedback.

Feedback as a design challenge

The second session focused on applying user experience and user-centred design principles to the topic of feedback, and how this can help you to develop a growth mindset by accepting errors and flaws as opportunities for improvement. The group then conducted an ideation workshop to generate different solutions to negative feedback and problems.

In the spirit of feedback as a theme, here’s what some Hippo UX-ers had to say about the day:

“Being a part of such an engaged and supportive UX community is so rewarding, and the fact we were able to get the design team together, from all across the country, for an afternoon in Leeds was fantastic. 

As a design community, it is so important we can share our collective experiences and find ways to support each other on projects  whether that’s through culture and personal skills or learning new methodologies and ways of working.

This event was the first in the calendar for 2024 and I’m already looking forward to the next one.”
– Stephanie Maguire, Senior UX Designer, Hippo

“I found the approach of tackling the complicated topic of giving, receiving and actioning feedback through the lens of a design problem to be really effective. I was able to think about that topic in a way I hadn’t before and by the end of the session I’d learnt a lot from other designers’ perspectives on the topic and we had a lot of actionable takeaways to progress forward with. Overall, fantastic!” 
– Charlie Fossick, UX Designer, Hippo

This was my first away day with our UX team and it was a great opportunity for me to meet some of the colleagues I wouldn’t get to see on a normal day at the office, considering we’re spread out across multiple locations. It was also a great space for learning and sharing previous learnings! I particularly enjoyed being introduced to some of the work that our team has been doing around onboarding through to off boarding of a Hippo and I love that I was given an opportunity to get involved in this too.
– Erika Osti, Senior UX Designer, Hippo

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