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Design in a day
User-centred design and design thinking are powerful approaches that can transform the products you create and the processes you use. It's all about designing products and services that meet the needs of your users, putting them at the heart of the design process. In this course, you'll learn the principles of user-centred design and how to apply them to your own projects.

Our workshop is designed to be hands-on, collaborative, and fun! We believe that you'll learn far more from practical experience, so you'll have the opportunity to put your new knowledge into practice straight away. We'll guide you through each step of the design process, including framing the problem, journey mapping, storyboarding, prototyping, and user research.
Introduction to user research
In a world where digital technology moves at lightning speed, it's more important than ever to create products and services that meet the evolving needs of your users. But how do you ensure your design decisions are based on what your users truly want and need? Enter user research.

This course is designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge of user research, empowering you to make informed design decisions. With our guidance, you will discover various research methods and techniques, including surveys, interviews, and user testing, to name a few. You'll also learn to analyse and interpret your research findings and use them to make data-driven design decisions.
Introduction to service design
Service design bridges the gap between end-user-focused outputs and internal processes. By aligning organisations and streamlining processes, seamless journeys can be created and optimised for both business and customer. What happens backstage is the key to success with users at the front!

We've designed this introductory course as your stepping stone into Service Design. You will explore fundamental principles and techniques, such as service blueprinting and journey maps, gaining a rich understanding of the tools required. By conveying complexity to stakeholders effectively, you will be equipped to embed what you learn in this course within your projects and start driving sustainable change immediately.
Introduction to prototyping
At its core, prototyping is about taking your ideas out of your head and into the world. It's a powerful tool that lets you quickly test and refine your concepts without investing significant resources into a final product. In this course, you'll discover how to use prototyping to bring your ideas to life and turn them into something truly remarkable.

Through our engaging and interactive course materials, you'll explore the entire prototyping process from ideation to iteration. We'll show you how to select the right tools and methods to bring your ideas to life efficiently and effectively. We believe that prototyping is an exciting and creative process, and we'll help you to tap into that energy so that you can approach your work with curiosity, playfulness, and experimentation.
Delivery in Government
At the heart of government lies the delivery of policies and initiatives, ensuring they are implemented effectively and efficiently. Our course will equip you with the essential principles of delivery in government and show you how to apply them to your own projects.

You'll gain a deep understanding of the delivery process through our interactive course materials, case studies, and expert insights. From planning and execution to monitoring and evaluation, we'll take you through every step of the journey. We'll teach you how to navigate complex and highly regulated environments and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes.
Project inceptions & ways of working
We all know that starting a project can be daunting and overwhelming. But fear not, for our course is here to equip you with the essential principles of project inceptions and ways of working, setting you up for success from the beginning.

Our interactive and engaging course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the project inception process. From developing a project vision and strategy to defining roles and responsibilities, you'll learn to set clear objectives, plan your delivery, and manage potential risks to set your teams up for success.
Delivery planning & tooling
Agile delivery is transforming the way organisations deliver products and services. In this course, you'll learn the essential principles of Agile delivery planning and the tools you need to implement them.

Our comprehensive course will give you a deep understanding of Agile delivery planning, including fundamental principles, planning processes, and tools for managing Agile projects. You'll also learn how to apply Agile delivery planning to different types of projects, from software development to product launches.
Introduction to Agile & scrum
Scrum is a popular Agile delivery framework used by successful teams across different industries. Our course explores the principles of the Agile philosophy covering the Agile manifesto, Agile project management principles, the Scrum framework, and practical applications in a real-world setting.

Our expert instructors will guide you through interactive course materials and case studies to teach you how to create a product vision, develop a product backlog, manage sprints, and effectively hold Scrum meetings. You'll also learn how to manage stakeholders and establish a culture of collaboration, communication, and trust. Our approach to Agile and Scrum emphasises creating a collaborative and flexible environment where everyone can contribute to achieving project goals.
Introduction to road mapping
As the digital industry evolves at lightning speed, a clear and well-defined strategic view of your goals and desired outcomes for your product or service is more important than ever. A software roadmap is a powerful tool that can help you chart a course to success by visually representing your product's evolution over time.

This course teaches you how to create effective software roadmaps that align with your organisation's goals and objectives. Our interactive course provides a comprehensive understanding of road mapping, including developing a product vision, prioritising features, and managing stakeholder expectations. Success in road mapping is about collaboration and iteration. Our course equips you with the skills and tools to establish effective road-mapping processes and foster a culture of communication, trust, and cooperation.

At Hippo, we believe that everyone has the potential to be a design thinker, and we're committed to helping individuals and teams unlock that potential. So why not join us on this exciting journey of discovery and innovation? Let us help you unleash your team's full potential and create a future that is both meaningful and impactful.

That's why we offer a wide range of technical and soft skills training programs that are tailored to meet your most urgent challenges. Whether you need to adopt a zero-based budgeting approach or develop inspirational leadership skills, we've got you covered.


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