What’s the work like?
We've taken the best of both to create a culture where structure and process never rust the wheels of progress. Decisions are made quickly; the leadership team want you to have a voice (and to hear it), there is immense expertise without the egos. We are on a significant growth trajectory but will never lose our personality. It is what makes us unique.

Everyone has a voice at Hippo, as a non-hierarchical organisation with a supportive ethos baked in. We'll listen if you want to influence how the business evolves because we understand that people and their ideas are more important than job titles.
Career support and development?
Self-developers do well here: you're empowered to drive your career in the direction you want. And, in supporting Hippo's continued success, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

Our diverse backgrounds, from ex-teachers or ex-civil servants and from tech wizards to PHD academics, mean there is a huge range of expertise to tap into.

As a company that has seen exponential growth since we began in 2016, it's nice to know that you're involved in something that is evolving. Because as the company grows, you do too.

Yes, you have a line manager. But it is up to you how you utilise that resource. If it's just pastoral care you're after, that's fine. But if it's about working closely to reach your career goals, that's fine too. After all, it's your career, your way.
Typical operational Roles
The successful running of a digital consultancy is not just about the work we do with our clients but also the people who support us in the background. We recruit for various roles within business and operations, including office support, Business Development, Talent, through to people services and marketing positions.
Application Process
Our step-by-step process helps us understand who you are, how you'll fit into our team and how far your potential could take you at Hippo. As well as allowing you to find out whether you feel the role and Hippo are right for you

Firstly apply directly or via one of our approved partners. Please take the opportunity to tell us who you are, your education and your experience. We review every application thoroughly, so we encourage you to provide accurate and thorough information. We also offer an option for you to record a 2-minute video to give you the opportunity to enhance your application by showcasing your personality and interest in the role you are applying to, our company and culture.'

The second step will be an initial phone call with one of our recruiters to discuss the role in more detail and assess if this is a good match for your skills, experience, and aspirations. The next stage is a formal interview and possibly a skills-based assessment.

Depending on the size of the role, we may then complete a second stage interview with a presentation and behavioural profile. If your final stage assessment is successful, we'll offer you an opportunity to join our growing team, and your exciting journey as part of the Hippo herd begins.

What makes Hippo so special is our people and the relationships we build