1. Product & Delivery

    Our product and delivery team have a user-centred agile approach to defining, building and releasing innovative products and services that make a difference.
  2. Engineering & Data

    Our engineering and data teams have a pragmatic approach to delivery. We work with our client's current technology teams to provide a quality solution.
  3. Research & Design

    Our research and design teams help our clients understand the problems their users face, design the solution and measure its impact.
What’s the work like?
On a day-to-day basis, you'll be working alongside a variety of clients to identify opportunities for operational improvement and then plan and implement the changes that need to happen to solve the problem.

We support large-scale digital transformation programmes for public and private sector organisations looking to truly embrace digital services to innovate and evolve.

Every mission and every client is different, but our work model doesn't change. We aspire to add value, leave a lasting benefit within those institutes, and design and implement programmes that deliver real, sustainable change.

With Hippo, you'll work on projects that make a real difference, build a better world through technology, leave a lasting positive impact, and change how our customers work for the better.
What can you expect?
Our philosophy is to ensure the user is at the core of everything we do through research, design and delivery. Collaborating with us means embracing a digital-first strategy with people-first design, which will genuinely create lasting change and positive impact.
We apply an agile service design approach to solving our clients’ problems, using technology to enable change.
Typical Consultancy Roles
Hippo is a full-service digital consultancy working in the public and private sectors and takes an end-to-end approach from Discovery to Delivery. We have roles including content designers, user researchers, business analysts, delivery managers, developers and everything in between.
Hybrid working
Typically, our consultants may be required to work from the Hippo office/client office between 1 and 3 days a week to work alongside other Hippos and our client colleagues.

In-person work is often best used for activities like:
• Workshops that will provide you with the opportunity to have active discussions and inputs into decision-making.
• User research with user groups who are under-represented, e.g. those who can't use a digital service independently or may be considered vulnerable individuals.
• Work shadowing and pairing opportunities that provide guidance and coaching.
• Enabling new project teams to meet and spend time together to understand their needs, collaborate on project work and build relationships.

We don't believe in a presenteeism culture, so in-person working is where we (or our client) believe there is a real benefit. Plus, it means we can better manage our carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary travel and commuting.
Application Process
Our step-by-step process helps us understand who you are, how you'll fit into our team and how far your potential could take you at Hippo. As well as allowing you to find out whether you feel the role and Hippo are right for you

Firstly apply directly or via one of our approved partners. Please take the opportunity to tell us who you are, your education and experience. We review every application thoroughly, so we encourage you to provide accurate and thorough information. We also offer an option for you to record a 2-minute video to give you the opportunity to enhance your application by showcasing your personality and interest in the role you are applying to, our company and culture.'

The second step will be an initial phone call with one of our recruiters to discuss the role in more detail and assess if this is a good match for your skills, experience, and aspirations. The next stage is a formal interview and possibly a skills-based assessment.

Depending on the size of the role, we may then complete a second stage interview with a presentation and behavioural profile. If your final stage assessment is successful, we'll offer you an opportunity to join our growing team, and your exciting journey as part of the Hippo herd begins.

What makes Hippo so special is our people and the relationships we build