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15 March 2024

Mike Tattersall: Unconventional Paths and Purposeful Projects


In the world of technology and digital transformation, there are individuals whose career trajectories defy convention, yet their impact deeply resonates within their organisations. One such individual is Mike Tattersall, the Chief Delivery Officer at Hippo. With a wealth of experience in civil service delivery and a commitment to precise and purposeful projects, Mike’s career journey is a story of perseverance, pragmatism and passion in the digital sector.

“Hippo delivers projects – that’s the core of the business. Ultimately, my job is to make sure that those projects are to the right quality, they’re on time and make sure that our clients are happy with what we’re doing.”

In technology terms, Mike’s career began with an unconventional start. Skipping the traditional route of higher education, he got started in the civil service at the age of 17. Backed by his father’s advice to pursue what he truly believed was best for him at that moment, he committed to public services and that was to become a foundational move with a lasting impact.

During his time in the civil service, Mike immersed himself in various roles, building his early experience processing claims and benefits on the Carers Allowance benefit. This process approach instilled a drive for efficiency and excellence. As the digital landscape evolved, Mike found himself involved in transformation initiatives, such as the Government Digital Service (GDS) exemplars, where his experience played a key role, mapping real world processes to an innovative digital delivery of public services.

After honing his expertise over 13 years in the civil service, Mike made the leap from the public sector to the private sector joining Hippo in 2017. From the outset, his approach to delivering projects sat neatly with Hippo’s ethos – understanding user needs, aligning to organisation goals, delivered to schedule, and with no compromise in quality. Mike’s role at Hippo has grown with the company as he has fulfilled several roles, ultimately being appointed as the Chief Delivery Officer of Hippo in 2023.

Like most senior leaders, there is a mission at the heart of his career. For Mike, it is a commitment to delivering projects that make a difference. From his involvement in groundbreaking, whole population initiatives such as NHS Login, to the rapidly delivered vulnerable shielding service that Hippo supported during the pandemic, Mike’s career highlights reveal what he cares about most at work: projects that matter and projects that impact the entire nation.

Beyond his role in Delivery, Mike is keen to show leadership on social equity. As a new father he is set to begin parental leave, shared with his wife who has, in her own right, a tremendously successful career. He wants to encourage a company culture where every new parent is comfortable and capable of making decisions that benefit their families.

“It’s about getting the culture right – do all new parents, women and men, feel that they can take leave that benefits their whole family? I want our colleagues to feel comfortable with those choices and will support them in that.”

Looking ahead, Mike envisions a future where Hippo continues to lead the charge in delivering impactful projects while prioritising the well-being and growth of its employees. With a keen focus on user-centred services and a dedication to embracing emerging technologies responsibly, Mike is a key figure shaping Hippo’s success in the competitive digital transformation market.