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4 December 2023

The Hippo Campus at Aireside House Opens its Doors


“It’s such an amazing space, not just to have a site that’s a great location for people to get to, but we’ve got such a creative and collaborative space and that’s so important to us and so important to our clients.” ~ Liz Whitefield


    Hippo is gearing up for the grand relaunch of the Hippo Campus at Aireside House.
    Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Leeds city centre, our space goes beyond just a location – it’s a testament to our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and cultivating meaningful connections.
    Here’s a glimpse into what will make Aireside House a hub of innovation and a game-changer for Hippo and our clients:
  • Prime Location: Accessible and convenient, Aireside House is not just a workplace – it’s a destination. Situated in the thriving tech scene of Leeds, our campus provides an ideal space for collaboration and growth.
  • Creative Collaboration: Step into a space designed to foster creativity and collaboration. We believe in the power of face-to-face engagements, and Aireside House has been designed to inspire innovation and teamwork.
  • Reflecting Our Values: Aireside House is a reflection of our values and culture. We are dedicated to bringing people together in an environment that encourages teamwork and shared success.
  • Tech Hub of the UK: Leeds is at the forefront of the UK tech scene, and our revamped campus is positioned right in the heart of this dynamic ecosystem.

An office based pool room, with a burnt orange surface is surrounded by banked seating with comfortable teal cushions and untreated wooden dressings.

Various user research sessions took place to gain thoughts and feedback on what our staff needed from the space and every word has been taken on board to provide our colleagues with an office that works for everyone! ~ Lynne Mulligan

A bright busy office space with several Hippo colleagues in conversation around their work terminals.

    Welcome to a home for ideas to flourish and connections to grow.