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11 August 2023

Hippo march at Leeds Pride


Last Sunday, Hippo took centre stage and marched in the 18th Leeds Pride parade.

As proud sponsors of the event, we loved seeing our Hippos take to the streets of Leeds to celebrate and embrace the LGBTQ+ community.

By supporting and sponsoring Pride, it provides a meaningful platform for us to empower our colleagues and allies to engage in new conversations, celebrate diverse voices, and grow together all while financially assisting services that benefit those in our home city.

Here’s what some of our Hippos had to say about the day…

“Walking in the parade with my partner and fellow Hippos, amongst thousands of other LGBTQ+ people and allies was really energising and affirming.

It was amazing to see how many people turned out in support of Pride and were cheering Hippo on as we walked through – helped by Karen’s hoola-hooping! Already looking forward to next year.”

Adam Clarkson


Hippo employees marching under the "Be Herd" Pride banner

“We decided to attend as a family. It’s important to us as parents that our children have as many experiences as possible. Thankfully LGBTQ+ isn’t something alien to our children, but we have had to explain why Pride is a thing – ah the innocence of childhood free of prejudice.

I did wonder what the children would see and ask questions about, but needn’t have worried as it was a fabulous day full of positivity and cheer.”

Darren Hutton

People marching in Leeds Pride

“Before attending I watched the company’s presentation about the history of pride and what to expect at Leeds Pride. I learnt a massive amount – every slide was new to me. The one thing that majorly stuck out to me was the impact that black trans women had on the original and current Pride movement. It was eye opening.

This was both my first time at Pride and marching. The diversity of the crowds was surprising to me, ranging  from people who were fully kitted out as if they belong in the parade itself to those just attending, the young families, and to curious bystanders. Everyone was full of smiles and cheers. I loved the day itself and knowing that I’ve done my small part to show that the LGBTQ+ communities are supported.”

Anonymous Hippo


Hippo employees marching in the Leeds Pride parade

“I always love to see people come together to support one another regardless of their own identity. One of my favourite things about Leeds Pride, is the amount of children attending because to have that kind of awareness and representation at a young age will hopefully enable a more equal and respectful future where people’s gender and sexuality doesn’t define their opportunities.

I think as a company we should always be looking to show support for the communities that make up our workforce whether that is at an event like Pride, or through the processes and training we have internally, because it’s great to show our public commitment to EDI, but it’s more important that people feel it everyday when they come to work, through the culture and attitudes of others.”

Steph Varley

“I always have such an amazing time at Pride – this year was especially nice with Hippo and The Data Shed allowing us to march with friends and partners.

2 of my friends came this year and really loved the atmosphere and support you get walking in the parade. Everyone’s in such a good mood and it’s just a day of great vibes.

It’s amazing to work for a business that champions and celebrates who we all are with no judgement!” 

Emily Beal

To learn more about Leeds Pride, and how you can support their work, visit their website here.