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7 October 2023

Boycott your Bed for Action for Children


A group of dedicated colleagues from Hippo, including Ella Bishop, Heather Paxton, Rachel Stansfield, Darren Hutton, and Liz Whitefield, have successfully completed the Boycott your Bed challenge, a fundraising initiative in aid of Action for Children. The event saw participants spending a night outdoors to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable children and young people.

The challenge aimed to shed light on the experiences of those who face homelessness and the harsh realities of sleeping rough. Darren Hutton, Chief Digital Officer, one of the participants, shared his poignant experience, saying, “A cold wind picked up during the night. You feel it on parts of you that aren’t quite covered, so you tuck in a little more, hoping you’ve got a little more protected. Felt like I didn’t really get into proper sleep. And now the city is starting to wake. So are we. Guess that’s sleep done with.”

Despite the challenging conditions, the team from Hippo expressed their satisfaction at being part of such a meaningful initiative. Ella Bishop commented on the experience, saying, “Foil blankets are great… but they don’t stop the noise.” It was indeed a sobering but worthwhile experience for the participants.

The efforts of the Hippo team contributed significantly to the event’s success, with the company raising over £2,500. Additionally, the collective support from all participants amassed close to £250,000 for Action for Children. The funds raised will be instrumental in supporting the organisation’s mission to provide vital services to children and families in need.

Liz Whitefield, Co-Founder and Director, emphasised the motivation derived from the cause, stating, “Agree with Darren Hutton hearing about what we were doing this for really kept us motivated. A great team from Hippo and a chance to meet colleagues from other companies.”

The success of the Boycott your Bed challenge reflects the commitment of individuals and organisations to making a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate. Action for Children expresses gratitude to all participants, supporters, and donors who have contributed to the success of this important initiative. The funds raised will play a crucial role in ensuring a brighter future for vulnerable children and young people across the country.

Action for Children

Action for Children, a UK-based charity, is committed to safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of children and young people, ensuring they have safe and happy childhoods. The organisation provides practical and emotional care and support, amplifying the voices of children and advocating for enduring improvements in their lives.

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