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Hermes (Evri) – Data Production Process

Reviewing Hermes’ data production process

Hermes is an international logistics company operating across Germany, the UK, Russia, Austria, Italy and China. Hermes UK operate their own independent courier network delivering over 235 million parcels each year on behalf of some of the UK’s largest online retailers.

Over 235 million parcels delivered each year

Hermes has a vast amount of data, and operates in a very competitive and rapidly changing industry. Data is at the heart of logistics – Hermes wanted to get an outside perspective on their entire data production process: tools, technologies, infrastructure, process and skills.

Hippo was engaged to review these processes and deliver a critique of each area with proposals for improvement in each of them.

We presented a summary of our 25 page report back to the IT Director, the wider technical & non-technical teams. Our proposals covered 3 key areas and our recommendations are now being implemented through various projects.


We identified a way of incorporating the ‘new’ world of Hadoop and Spark alongside tried-and-tested Oracle.


Incorporating test automation, continuous integration, unit testing and other similar techniques should result in higher quality software – and happier customers.


Oracle is great at some things, however if you need a real-time data feed, then utilising Spark isn’t a bad idea!