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6 June 2024

Partnering with Scope: harnessing data to empower, advocate and respond to the challenges faced by disabled people


Scope, the disability equality charity in England and Wales, is on a mission to create an equal future for all disabled people. Scope challenges attitudes, provides support to disabled people and campaigns for change.

This mission aligns with Hippo’s Social Value Strategy, and its themes that span social equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging (DI&B), and health and wellbeing. Alongside this approach to social value, Hippo’s capabilities across digital services and data allow organisations across public, private and third sector organisations to overcome challenges and unlock their potential. 

Having a deep understanding of technological challenges is important, however, ensuring that digital transformation projects are conducted through a diverse, accessible and inclusive lens, with human-centred principles at its core, ensures that meaningful outcomes are delivered for all. 

In this blog post we explore the goals and outcomes of recent data discovery work conducted by Hippo with Scope, and look ahead to future partnership activities to deliver social impact outcomes that support the disabled community. 

Putting social equity at the centre of strategy

Launched in 2023, Hippo’s Social Value Strategy was created to minimise the business’s impact on the environment, help diversity talent across the industry and harness expertise to maximise its benefit to society. 

Initiatives include working to remove barriers faced by those underrepresented in the workforce through adapted recruitment processes, utilising a DI&B forum to embrace the diversity of our society and communities, and making continuous steps to improve the accessibility of workplaces – including working towards Disability Confident Level 3. 

Alongside this one of the most powerful ways Hippo can drive social value is putting its skill set and capabilities to good use. Supporting the growth and digital capabilities of third sector organisations through partnership projects and pro-bono work allows Hippo’s team of specialist consultants to deliver meaningful impact where it matters.

Data is critical to unlocking potential

In April 2024, a multi disciplined team of Hippos, including a Product Manager, Business Analyst, Data Engineer and Technical Architect, completed a two-week data discovery project with Scope. Data is critical to unlocking potential across the charity, by uncovering further skills and opportunities for everyone working at Scope.

The goals of the data discovery work were to: 

  • Lower any data barriers across the organisation to drive informed decision making and improved operational performance
  • Gain better insights into donors and customers to improve their experience
  • Advocate and respond to challenges faced by disabled people by providing data to inform Scope’s campaigning and influencing
What Hippo did:
  • Interviewed stakeholders and users to understand and map out data sources, processes, data stores and reports, as well as consumers and owners
  • Produced a Data City Map – showing where the data is, what its used for and where its used/stored 
  • Developed profiles of users across the organisation to help better understand needs and pain points
  • Produced a volunteering case study to highlight a real world example of how data can improve outcomes
  • Developed recommendations to help Scope identify further opportunities for its data infrastructure.

Scope’s Executive Director of Digital and Marketing Kwesi Afful said:

“It’s been fantastic partnering with Hippo and benefitting from their expertise. Working with them on this data discovery exercise has helped us to better understand our processes, what works and what doesn’t. It’s helping us realise our potential. There are exciting opportunities ahead which mean we can increase our reach and impact for disabled people.”

Partnering for further impact

This is just the beginning of the partnership and Hippo is excited to support Scope in taking the work forward and unlocking further opportunities from the data recommendations that this two week project delivered – in turn generating meaningful results for their work and impact with the disabled community.

As Scope delivers its new ten year strategy, An Equal Future, it aims to accelerate how it utilises digital and data. The charity will make greater use of their digital tools and technology to provide advice and support to at least 3.5 million disabled people every year. We hope to work further with scope to realise their ambitions and plans to be a digital first organisation.

Alongside this, there are plenty more opportunities to deliver further impact. Hippo has donated 10 laptops to Scope’s new service hub at Brewery Wharf in Leeds, acting as a local centre for the charity’s services, retail products and community engagement work.

Hippo also has plans to link our current job vacancies to Scope’s inclusive and accessible jobs board and as part of the partnership draw on the charity’s expertise in our mission to achieve Disability Confident Level 3 employer status alongside further training opportunities.