It’s not uncommon for organisations to spend precious time and resources going round in circles, investing in countless iterations whilst trying to land on an effective service for users.


Even the best designs can all too often end up missing the mark through loss of translation as the design makes its way through the engineering process and fails to perform at scale.


At Hippo we are set up to build the right thing right.


To deliver value fast, it is critical to build the right service in the first place, and Hippo’s approach makes sure of that.  We champion evidence-based design and delivery, putting people first when it comes to digital service design, combined with engineering practices that mean services are built for citizen scale.



Patient centred digital services focussed on outcomes


Citizen centric digital services that make policy a reality

Experience Economy

Customer focused digital services that increase Customer Lifetime Value


Hippo helps you discover and harness the untapped value in data across your organisation

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We're a digital services partner who is genuinely invested in helping our clients thrive as modern organisations. Our delivery methodology is truly agile, from concept to reality, supporting innovation and continuous improvement to achieve your desired outcomes.

We're confident in our abilities, authentic in our approach, and passionate about what we do. If you're looking for a digital services partner that can deliver real results, let us help you build for the future and make a lasting impact.
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Our ultimate goal is to provide value for our customers and those who rely on them. We firmly believe that inclusive digital services benefit everyone. Join us on this journey towards a more connected and equitable world, and let us help you build for the future and make a lasting impact.

We are headquartered in Leeds and located across the UK in Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, London and Bristol.
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National Highways

How a service design-led approach helped The Dart Charge service

The Dart Charge service has been in alpha since it launched, having not passed a GDS assessment. In 2021, National Highways awarded contracts for the next generation of the Dart Charge service. The aim was to learn from the live service, apply user-centred design (UCD) principles and address criticisms of the service from users.

Hippo were all incredible and worked at the highest standard to get the programme through Alpha. I am truly grateful for all their effort in helping get us over the line.

Jonathan Sykes The National Highways - Head of Service Standards