User Centric Identity Management

In order to be user centric, it is essential to know who your users are.

Hippo Digital provide Digital Identity Management for users, services, devices and things across a range of industries, and are an acknowledged leader in Identity Management in the UK Healthcare market.

Often a ‘forgotten fundamental’ Identity Management is one of the few areas you can gain valuable insight into user behaviour, improve user experience and security as well as operational efficiency in a single overarching strategy.

Add to this recent developments in user centric data sharing – also known as Trusted Attributes Exchange – a comprehensive approach to identity further puts users in control of how they consume services and share their information.

Benefits of a well developed Identity strategy

  • Understand who your users really are with effective registration and identity proofing and verification processes
  • Provide your customers and users with modern, tailored experiences
  • Increase service adoption with frictionless enrolment and self service
  • Take advantage of new technologies in an interconnected world, by managing and securing the complex relationships between people, devices and services
  • Free your skilled and experienced workforce up to work on core-business through improved task automation
  • Protect your services with adaptive risk solutions
  • Get ahead of GDPR by giving your users control over their data with Attributes Exchange based on the UMA 2.0 standard

Coupled with Hippo Digital’s core competencies in Service Design, User Centred Design and Lean Engineering a well deployed identity management capability is the basis for real business transformation.


Having delivered one of the worlds largest private-cloud identity management systems for the NHS, Hippo Digital has extensive experience of deploying mission critical identity services. Further we are partnered with a a number of best-of-breed product vendors with specialisms in User Authentication, Biometrics, IoT and Healthcare.

  • Identity Strategy
  • Service Design and Research
  • Implementation, in cloud or on premise
  • Identity as a Service (IaaS) via one of our partner organisations