NHSbuntu Takes a Hippo Sized Bite out of Windows Desktop Dominance

brett-1-bLast week Hippo Digital, along with Deepmind, Neova helped the NHSbuntu project solve a key milestone in their journey to becoming a revolutionary secure, modern, fast and free platform for healthcare.

Within the National Health Service the security and privacy of sensitive data relating to patients is held in the highest regard. The Care Record Guarantee makes a number of commitments to patients about how their information will be processed, used and stored in such a way that it is only accessed and used by those with appropriate access, and for the purpose of care.

The system behind this access if the NHS Care Identity Service, and the associated NHS Smartcard. To access clinical data on modern systems within the NHS a user must have been issued with a Smartcard, and granted appropriate clinical roles.

To date the NHS Smartcard has only worked with Windows, using proprietary ‘Identity Agent’ software managed and released by NHS Digital. As part of the NHS Digital Summer Hackathon last week Hippo Digital Director Brett Jackson rolled his sleeves up and helped a small team of hackers create an alternative Identity Agent for the NHSbuntu platform.

The new Open Source Identity Agent solves a significant technical obstacle to NHSbuntu becoming a viable healthcare platform, and means that the project takes a huge leap forward in its vision to challenge the dominance of Windows in this space.

Lots more information about the project can be found here:


See the new Identity Agent in action with Summary Care Record here https://www.youtube.com/7F5ctGvH_Wg